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Clicker games are a fascinating bunch. They simplify the gameplay to a limited number of input options, such as clicking your mouse. It's a clever idea. To create a product that feels just like a game, with only one button for control, is not an easy task. Developers are forced to work hard to perfect the mechanics.


It is possible to make clicker games more fun by automating and simplifying the level design, or increasing the challenge factor. Doodle jump is an example. In this game, you control a zany character who tries to reach as high as possible by jumping from one platform to the next and avoid obstacles and enemies. You can click to aim at objects, but the controls are very simple.


This second approach is free from additional controls. It's represented by, where you play the role of a bird trying to avoid falling into vertical pipes. Each click causes the bird to flap its wings and lift it higher up in the air, but gravity quickly kicks in and drags you back down. The game is extremely difficult and endless. It's all about getting as far as you can before you die and have to start again.


Different clicker games have different gameplay: Gold Miner is an example of a simulator for underground treasure hunters. You not only have to aim for gold nuggets and rocks, but you can also improve your skills and tools between levels.


io Gamers is the best place to play clicker games online. This portal has a wide selection of titles that are easy to learn and difficult to master. Have fun and take your pick!